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Are you a high-profile celebrity or public figure? If so, then American Van Lines’ elite moving services are perfect for you. Per your request, your move can be held in strict confidence to deter attention away from your relocation. If you’re not a household name, it doesn’t mean you’re excluded from our star-status elite services. You might want to take advantage of this red carpet treatment if you require all-inclusive moving that addresses every facet of your relocation; this way, you won’t have to lift a finger. Our professional movers will handle all of your packing, unpacking, furniture arrangement and so much more. As an elite customer the entire moving process will be non-existent for you.

Standard American Van Lines elite moving services include these convenient features:

  • Highly skilled movers.
  • Furniture arrangement.
  • Hanging of all your artwork.
  • Premium packing and crating for increased protection.
  • A personal liaison that ensures all your requests are being fulfilled.
  • Pre-existing residence insurance protection that covers your entire property.

Third-Party Elite Moving Services

To make your move even easier we offer third-party services from our database of approved vendors. Upon your request we will provide cleaning services, key and lock replacement service, electronic installation of all your visual and audio visual devices. We can also handle all the necessary paperwork for your change of address. Yes, your relocation can be just that easy! Just name the service and we’ll provide it.

Don’t lift a finger, just let our elite moving staff do it all for you. If you’d rather remain outside of the public eye or you merely want to simplify the moving process, then this service is perfect for you. Before you know it, your entire home will be live-in ready and if you need additional services, just call us up and we’ll handle those too. Our elite services are well organized and handled with keen attention to detail. The best part is that with a personal liaison on your side your concerns will be easily conveyed and quickly addressed.

Book your elite moving services today by calling American Van Lines. The easiest move you’ve ever made is only a phone call away!

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