AMSA PROMOVERAmerican Van Lines is a proud member of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). The AMSA has a long history of consumer advocacy that stems back to 1920, when it was known as the National Furniture Warehousemen’s Association.

The AMSA has many goals and initiatives, all geared toward improving industry standards for an overall better quality of service. As the leading governing body for the moving and storage industry, the AMSA ensures that its members are current with regulatory and legal mandates, while protecting consumer interests for ethical, safe and skilled moving and storage service.

On January 1, 2009 the AMSA launched the ProMover initiative, specifically targeting consumer rights. As a ProMover, we adhere to the ethical and regulatory standards of the AMSA. Strictly focused on consumer protection, ProMover established its presence and distinctive logo as an easy way for consumers to differentiate authentic movers from rogue operators that function without guidelines.

AMSA CertificateMoving companies that seek ProMover validation are carefully examined by the AMSA. Owners of moving companies, officers and most stockholders are reviewed for felony convictions under the jurisdiction of state consumer protection agencies. ProMover member websites are also closely examined for false advertising and misinformation. The ProMover logo is the official stamp of approval and signal to consumers that we are not rogue operators, but authentic movers who adhere to quality service standards and regulations set forth by the AMSA.

Inspired by the philosophy of ProMover, our moving company began certification immediately. We wholeheartedly stand behind its goals of educating consumers about their rights and clarifying ambiguous information, such as the popularly misunderstood difference between valuation and insurance.

As a ProMover, American Van Lines is dedicated to protecting consumer rights and keeping the public informed about relative issues that affect them. Our moving company will do whatever is necessary to make relocation as pleasant and as transparent as possible. By providing exemplary moving service, vital information, moving tips and free moving estimates, we hope to put the power in the hands of consumers, so they can make informed and independent decisions about their moving and storage services.

Only moving companies who have passed ProMover approval requirements have authorization to access and display its logo. When you see a ProMover logo, you can feel confident in the moving company’s ability to serve you and in their commitment to quality, ethical service.