10 Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Making an Office Move

Moving the office is no small venture. To make sure that the right moving company is hired, it is important to ask prospect movers these questions:

Hiring a Business Moving Company1. Is your moving company licensed and insured?

Many companies are licensed and insured, but when dealing with computer systems and relocating expensive office equipment, it is always best to make sure.

2. Are all employees background checked?

Relocating stuff from point A to point B requires an employee that is alert and on the ball. If an employee has a criminal record or is less than adequate for the job, this can greatly affect the move.

3. Do you give firm moving quotes in writing?

It is almost never smart to get a blind quote over the phone. A reputable company will send a relocation specialist out and they will asses the move. They will give a firm price that will ensure that there will be no surprises when the big day arrives.

4. What are the payment terms?

Many companies will want some money up front to reserve equipment and such. A small deposit is acceptable, but it is not advisable to pay large amounts or the entire balance up front.

5. If items are broken, what is the replacement process?

The only thing worse than no insurance is a difficult procedure to replace broken items. Find out up front what the process is to have things replaced. Forget the company if they cannot tell you a definitive answer.

6. Is there a transfer involved?

If the move of the office is a long distance, companies often use transfers. For instance, if a office is being moved from Ohio to California, they might transfer the loads in Missouri, or the distance the company goes. It is important to have a company that travels across country for this type of move, or things could be broken.

7. Are you the mover or the broker?

There are a great deal of brokers who book moves for companies. It is always best to talk to a mover directly. Those who will be doing the transfer will know more than those who are just booking the move.

8. Are there extra charges?

The quote is a great place to start, but if there are large items like pianos or gigantic office pieces, will there be an extra charge?

9. How many movers will my move take?

Ask up front how many people the move will take. If they tell you over the phone it will take three and quote in writing four, call them on it. Fact-checking can save money.

10. Do you have references?

The biggest and most important questions to ask any company who will be handling the move is to make sure they have references. Because this is not a house move, making sure they are reputable is a plus.

There may be other important questions to ask depending on your business type. Feel free to share them with us! American Van Lines will gladly provide you with answers.