7 Signs that You’re Moving Your Office to a Bad Area

Moving your office is a large undertaking. There will be many tasks to undertake, and you will even experience a “shut-down” of your business during the moving period. With all of this in mind, it is important that you find the right location for your business before you start a move. A business owner does not want to move their business any more than necessary, it just does not make good business sense.

When you are looking for a place to move your business, you must take into account the following seven signs that the area you are looking at may not be a prime location.

1. Abandoned Store Fronts. While in a slow economy it is normal to see some empty store fronts, an excess of empty stores means that the area is not economically sound. All business areas should be able to maintain a significant amount of filled store fronts, even during hard economic times.

2. Liquor and Convenience Stores. If the area you are looking at seems to have an abundance of liquor and convenience stores, you may wish to continue looking. These types of stores are often the only ones that remain in an area that has been hit by hard times.

3. Barred Windows. While it is not uncommon for businesses to have additional security measures installed on their buildings, if you notice that a majority of all buildings have bars on the windows, you may be in a very high crime rate area.

4. Look At The People. Are there a lot of people out on the street that seem to be wandering around aimlessly during the day? Does there seem to be a lack of activity in the neighborhoods surrounding the area? Are children outdoors playing? Noticing what the people are doing in the surrounding area will help you judge the business section.

5. Corporate Moves. Are larger corporations leaving the area? An area can be seen as in decline when large retailers and grocery chains leave the area.

6. Out Of Area Landlord. Many investors invest into areas that they would not necessarily live or do business in. These properties are available at a discounted price, and they are really not interested in the upkeep of the building or the happiness of their tenants.

7. Police Presence. When you are exploring the neighborhood, do you see a lot of police officers in the area? While this may only be a simple incidence, or perhaps a speed trap, if each time you enter the area you see excessive police, you may be in a high crime area.

What signs have you taken note of before your office move to another area? American Van Lines wants to know – share them with us!