Best Mobile Apps for Productivity

Most mobile apps help you procrastinate or waste time. From games to social media to shopping, it’s easy to lose track of an entire afternoon, leaving you with an ever expanding to-do list. However, smartphone apps can also help you organize and simplify your responsibilities. So, next time you hit up the App Store, think about skipping over the latest version of Angry Birds.

Instead, install one of these productivity apps:

  • 24me (free, 4 stars) – This app acts as a virtual personal assistant. At its core, it’s a task management app that allows you to create to-do lists and send special alerts. Sync it to your financials and calendar to receive notices about bills, events, etc. You can even find people to do errands and tasks for you with TaskRabbit. Just name your price.
  • Evernote (free, 3.5 stars) – Evernote allows you to take notes, make lists and record voice reminders. It remembers everything across all of your devices and includes a simple search function.
  • Skitch (free, 3+ stars) – This app allows you to annotate, edit and share photos, screenshots, maps, websites, etc. It can be connected to Evernote.
  • TurboScan ($1.99, 5 stars) – TurboScan “scans” documents, receipts, notes, etc. through your smartphone’s camera. The app recognizes edges and color corrects your images to resemble a real, scanned document. These can then be stored and/or emailed as multipage PDF’s or JPG’s.
  • Pocket (free, 4.5 stars) – If you come across an interesting article, video or webpage, save it to read/view later. Pocket syncs across all of your devices, giving you the opportunity to catch up on everything at a convenient time.
  • Bump (free, 4 stars) – Share files, contact info, photos, etc. with another phone simply by “bumping”. Open up the app, pick what you want to share, hold your phone and touch the other person’s device. Poof, the info is transferred.
  • Addappt (free, 4.5 stars) – This is an up-to-date, private address book maintained by friends who also have the app. Simply change your contact info in the app, and your info will be updated across all connected friends’ address books. Easier than sending out one of those “I lost my phone, I need contact info” Facebook events.

If you have any other favorite productivity apps, be sure to let us know!