Best States to Raise Children in

The US is vast and wide, and each state seemingly has its own distinct culture, even though it is part of a sprawling union. As movers, we are always hearing discussion on where people think the best places to raise a family are, and it is certainly true that many people relocate with this in mind.

So where are the best places to raise a family in the US? It depends on your interests, needs, and wants, however according to a recent report done by the Annie E Casey Foundation, in which a variety of factors are totalled up, some states are just better than others. Determining factors included overall child health and well-being, economic well-being, education numbers, and the quality of communities.

Of course, different lifestyles abound across the map, and what suits one family may not be the best for another. However, according to CNN’s research, these are the best places in America to raise a family.

  • 1. Minnesota
  • 2. Massachusetts
  • 3. Iowa
  • 4. New Hampshire
  • 5. Connecticut

The states that came in at the bottom of the list, as the worst in the country to raise a family include:

  • 46. Alabama
  • 47. Nevada
  • 48. Louisiana
  • 49. New Mexico
  • 50. Mississippi

The Northeast has long maintained positive numbers as an excellent place to raise children, however it is very interesting that in the past 10 years, the Midwest has seen such improved conditions that is really challenging the status quo of the Northeast. With comfortable economic well-being, health, decent quality education, and communities, living in states such as Minnesota, (the top of the list) and Iowa, #3, are certainly excellent options for raising a family comfortably and happily. In the Northeast, states that commonly hold top honors such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire additionally round out the top five for their high quality of life in regards to children.

Are you looking to make a move that will benefit your children best? Consider the top five states. Of course, this is completely subjective and in no way a guarantee that it will be a choice move for your family, but certainly consider your options if you’re looking to make a change on behalf of your children.