Disadvantages of Letting Your Employees Help You Move

A move can be one of the most stressful times for a company. Even with the reward of increased revenue, a move will still cause many unforeseen problems and time delays that can bring your entire business to a screeching halt.

Business MovingAt first thought, it can seem like a great money saving idea to gather your employees for your big move. But once you consider this idea with great thought it will become clear that using your employees for your move just may send your company backwards, instead of forward. Most employees will not volunteer extra time to help with a move. This can force you to close your business for an unknown amount of time while you get settles at your new location. Can you afford lost revenue for a day, a week or longer? What would your customers do without your services for any length of time? Would closing your business during this time actually cause you to lose valuable customers? Also, moving in itself is hard, tiring work and your employees who are part of the move will want to be compensated for their efforts. Depending on the number of employees used during your move and the size of your move the monetary loss can add up very quickly.

Consider things like employee injuries during your decision making process. Simple injuries can add up to serious medical bills and loss of the injured employee. Also think about the potential for damages to your business property by your employees who are helping with the move. Even the best employees can unintentionally cause damage to your equipment leaving you with more bills for repairs and replacements after your move.

When you add up all of the potential losses of using your employees to move your business it might be an idea better left on paper. The use of a professional company whose business is to move your company can not only speed up the process but actually save you money. Companies do this for a living. They are well organized. They are insured against losses. Their employees are much more trained and the potential for damages or injury diminishes greatly. It takes all of the work out of it for you and your company. Hiring a moving company makes for a much smoother transition.

While letting your employees assist you with a move might seem to be a convenient idea, you might want to re-think it. Feel free to share more reasons why letting your employees help you relocate isn’t a great idea on our Facebook or Twitter account