Make a Move and Make It Eco-Friendly

American Van Lines relocation specialists know making a move can be a costly adventure, but money is not the only thing being burnt. The environment is also the victim. Moving may be inherently unfriendly to the environment given that trucking and hauling tons of your belongings around means burning dozens of gallons of harmful fuel and emitting a lot of noxious pollutants. Although it may seem meaningless to some, preserving our environment is essential. Without oxygen, there would be no life. With all of this said, there are simple and affordable ways you can move greener and help us breathe cleaner.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Moving

To begin, the less stuff you accumulate in the first place, the less you will have to transport to your new home. Do not be a pack rat. Fighting the urge and minimizing your trips to the mall is a good way to start. Beyond what may already be too late to be undone, you can soften your damage on the environment prior to your move by giving away, donating or selling any non-essential items that may be in possession. Holding yard sales and giveaways are a couple of ways you can go about getting rid of the excess. Books and computers can be donated to local libraries and schools, while Goodwill and other charities will gladly take old clothes for resale in thrift outlets.

Move with Reusable Packing Materials

While you are getting rid of the things you have no more use for, the “eco-conscious” mover would also want to be hoarding bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, padded envelopes and other packing materials that they have previously used. Holding on to what you have used before will save money, time and maybe a few trees. However, if you need more materials to make moving green successful, visit your local liquor, grocery, hardware and other retail stores. They will happily give away any boxes they no longer need, and that will save them the trouble of throwing them away or recycling them. Before you hop in your gas guzzler, call around to see who has what you are looking for.

Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

There is more to moving green than just moving. When you are cleaning out your old home and preparing it for the new homeowners, you should use only eco-friendly cleaning products. If you do not know what to get, look for products that are nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners. You can find these at most health food stores and other department stores.

Following these simple instructions and pointers will help you and your neighbors in the long run. If you know anyone that is moving, spread the word about moving green so we can team up and save our world from that murky cloud floating over our cities today. Have a safe and green move!