Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving can be difficult, but don’t worry we’re here to help! By planning ahead and following these easy steps, we assure you that your moving process will run smoothly:

1. Plan Ahead:

Hire American Van Lines to help you. This will save time and reduce stress. Click here for a free moving quote, or contact us at (888) 759-6000.

2. Love It or Chuck It!

Give away stuff you no longer need before you begin to pack. That sweater that has been sitting in the back of your closet for months is not going to get any cuter, even if you move it into a new closet. Donate it to your local thrift shop, sell it online or give it to your Aunt Judy. Just get rid of it! Trust me this will lighten your luggage and declutter your life.

3. Invest in Moving Boxes:

It’s important to have sturdy moving boxes to support all of your items. It would be a shame if the Amazon box you reused 3 times to move all of your valuables were to split while in transit. Make sure to not overstuff boxes to avoid spillage or inability to carry.

4. One Room at a Time! Don’t Forget to Label.

Allot 2-3 hours to tackle one room at a time. Label your boxes, so you can easily locate items from the kitchen, bedroom, and more. To make things even simpler you could also label each room’s boxes with various colored masking tape. For instance, the boxes with kitchen items are taped up with blue masking tape, while the bedroom clothes boxes are taped with purple masking tape. There are a bunch of funky colors at the store, so have fun with it! This will make your life way easier once you are ready to unpack your things at your new residence!

5. Wrap Up Breakables!

Use bubble wrap or layers of packing paper free of ink to protect your valuables. It is very important to wrap up mugs, plates, glass cups, etc. You don’t want to break your grandparents’ valuable, fragile Fine China.

6. Pack a Small Bag on the Side

You may be tired after a long day of moving. Pack essentials in an aside backpack just in case you don’t feel like opening up those neatly, labeled boxes the night-of moving. Trust me you won’t regret it!

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