Moving Your Computer Safely

They run the world. They need us as we need them. No, not women, but computers. In fact, if you are reading this blog right now, you are undoubtedly sitting at a computer of some sort, from a desktop to a smartphone. Like women, fragile and at times testy, they need special consideration when moving. Like anything else, this can be learned the hard way. So, no matter how time-consuming or long the list to prepare your computer for a move may be, do it! You will be glad in the end that you did.

Moving Your Computer SafelyInsure Your Computer

According to American Van Lines moving specialists, lots of people are confused when it comes to packing and moving their computer properly. The first thing you must do when you are moving your computer is getting adequate insurance. Make sure that your moving insurance will pay for any damage that your computer could encounter during the move.

Backup All Files

Also, you want to make sure that you copy all of your files on your computer. You can do this by getting a flash drive or an external hard drive. You can store an entire computer’s worth of files on one of these pocket-sized devices. Just be sure that you store your storage device in a safe place.

Pack It in the Original Box

Now that your computer has insurance and your files are all backed up, it is now time to pack it all up. Try to find the box that the computer came in. The original box was constructed specifically to protect your computer during its journey to your current address, and apparently it did a good job. If you didn’t keep the box, you can simply call a specialty box company to see if they have computer or other electronic boxes.

Dismantle Correctly & Label Parts

Before you begin packing your computer, make sure you take it apart correctly. Make sure you remove all disks from all drives. Take your computer apart by first making sure the power is off in the monitor and the computer tower. If you are new to this process of setting up computers, you should label your cords before unplugging them. Simply write on a piece of masking tape what the plug is for, and where it should be plugged into your tower. This will making setting your computer up a lot easier once you get to your new home.

Label the Box

Once your machine is packed and the boxes sealed, make sure you mark the boxes appropriately. Also, pack your printer and scanner in the same manner that you packed your computer. Ensure that nothing can shift while in transit. If you have room in your personal vehicle, let your computer join you on your journey instead of putting it on the moving truck to potentially get crushed by larger items.

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