Must-Have Apartment Tools

If you live in an apartment, your landlord will probably handle most of your household repairs. It’s definitely one of the benefits of living in a rental property. However, if you can quickly and confidently mend the problem yourself, it is probably not worth the hassle of calling your landlord, setting a time, etc. All renters should keep a basic toolkit to handle minor repairs and tackle decorating and DIY projects.

Top Tools for Renters:

  • Hammer– A medium-sized hammer is all you need. Use it to hang pictures, shelves, etc.
  • Screwdriver– Instead of messing around trying to find a flat or Phillips, invest in a good multi-head screwdriver. You will have everything you need in one, compact tool. Use it to tighten/loosen household fixtures, put together IKEA furniture, etc.
  • Wrench– Like the screwdriver, instead of trying to figure out sizes, go with an adjustable wrench. Use it to tighten/loosen bolts.
  • Pliers– If you plan on working with wiring, consider buying wire-cutting pliers. These also come in handy during DIY craft projects. And, those moments when your scissors mysteriously disappear.
  • Tape Measure– Usually a 16-foot tape measure does the trick, but if you have especially large rooms, go with a longer one. Tape measures are absolutely necessary when decorating and buying new furniture.
  • Nails and Screws– It’s helpful to keep a variety of nails and screws around. Nails are needed to hang wall decorations, and screws are helpful in many household repairs.

Or, just keep a stash of emergency duct tape.

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