Do You Need a Real Estate Agent When Looking for a Rental?

Do you think real estate agents are only necessary when purchasing a home? Think again. They are experts in the area of everything to do with homes, and for renters, having a great agent on your side can help you score the very best rental out there. Here’s why you should work with a real estate agent if you are searching for the best options available to you.

  1. Access: Realtors have industry access not available readily to others regarding properties that are on the market. They have access to the generally available listings found on the internet, as well as MLS databases, and unlisted properties that have not yet hit the market. In a first-come-first-serve world, that is very good news.
  2. Negotiators: Realtors tend to be mighty fine negotiators and having one can help secure the best terms for your next lease.
  3. Knowledge: Realtors come with a great amount of knowledge and they can offer some very good insight regarding areas and properties that may not be found elsewhere.
  4. Get You What You Want: They can work to secure you exactly what you want through their connections in the industry.
  5. Information: Not everyone can offer the information a realtor has.
  6. Inside Track: Many rental markets are highly competitive, and securing a rental can seem impossible without an industry representative on your side. If you are having trouble finding a great rental due to a lack of offerings, get a realtor asap!
  7. Price: Realtors can help secure the best rental for the best value.
  8. Variety: Is the spice of life, right? Definitely when it comes to finding a rental, and realtors can offer way more properties for you to check out than if you were searching on your own.
  9. Neighborhood Know-How: Realtors know the ins-and-outs of specific neighborhoods, and they can tell you direct facts about them in relation to lifestyle. Don’t you want an expert on your side when searching for the perfect place to live?
  10. Time-Savers: Realtors, because of all their expertise, access, and because this is what they do for a living, have the ability to save you a ton of time in your rental search. If you’re pressed for time, skipping over a realtor would be a foolish mistake!