Cover Your Tracks: What Your Mover Will Not Move

When moving, especially when using American Van Lines as your preferred moving company, you most likely expect things to be done efficiently, and with expert care. We take pride in handling the hardest parts of your move, because as you open this new chapter, you need to be present to handle the important stuff; like making sure your kids are comfortable. You should be able to use your time effectively so that you can transition smoothly, and do what’s necessary to ensure that your life will be able to continue with as minimal interruption as possible.

However, before you embark on your move, and before you enlist the services of a professional moving company, you should be aware that there are some things you’re going to have to handle on your own. No matter how qualified and excellent your mover is, the following items will not be permitted to be moved by them. Here is a look so that you can prepare properly ahead of time.

  • Your Pets: our movers will not move your pets. They are living, breathing animals; not items, so you must arrange moving them in a proper manner, on your own. If you’re really lost on how to handle it, contact your vet for suggestions on professional pet movers. They exist.
  • Firearms: All sorts of legal issues can be run into with firearms, so never, ever expect your mover to handle yours. If you’re going to be crossing state lines, make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork you’ll need, and be sure to know ahead of time all possible rules and regulations ahead. And as always, be sure everything firearm related is out of the reach of children.
  • Plants: Movers, generally, will not handle anything that is alive; houseplants included. The issues can range from liability to transporting insects and other matters of a biological nature. Infestations can be the result, and introducing non-native species to other areas they would not naturally exist is another. Some states even forbid movers to handle/ move houseplants, so get this straightened out ahead of time.
  • Valuables: These are just always safest in your own possession, so be sure to keep anything of a high value, sentimental value, personal value with you at all times. This will keep your mind at ease, and prevent any issues in case anything disappears.