American Van Lines’ Charitable Act Helps Underprivileged Children in Colombia

american van lines fundacion

American Van Lines Fort Lauderdale movers recently donated to a cause that benefits some of the unfortunate children in South America. The heartfelt contribution of the Fort Lauderdale based moving company was made to support Fundacion Rayito De Sol, an organization set out to improve the quality of life for the youth of Choco, Colombia through educational and nutritional programs.

Fundacion Rayito De Sol was started by a business executive from South Florida, Conny Ragone. After visiting Colombia, Ragone was astonished at the wide spread poverty of Chocho’s children and decided to do something about it. This was the birth of Fundacion Rayito De Sol.

american van lines fondacion

Anthony DiSorbo, owner of American Van Lines attributes his success to the considerate and innovative thinking of his family. As the head of a family-owned and operated moving company, Anthony grew up in a close knit family who made conscientious decisions that consequently affected his future. Wanting to give other children of the world a fighting chance is the driving force to his support of Fundacion Rayito De Sol.

Through educational and nutritional initiatives, Fundacion Rayito De Sol has made vital steps toward improving the lives of thousands in Choco, Colombia. Its first plan of action was to construct a sporting and activities center for kids of all ages to develop and grow accordingly. The complex has given way to community dining areas that now provide children with a healthy and well-balanced diet. The Foundation also began creating job opportunities by planting the exotic Borojo plant, a nutritious and energizing fruit that’s used in juice, ice cream, capsules and jelly.

The charity has since extended its aid to the women of Choco. As the backbone of the society, helping the women means essentially helping the children and the entire community as a whole. It provided a training program on sewing and crafts for those interested. These independent women are now able to earn decent livings to provide for their families.

american van lines fundacion

Thanks to the efforts of Fundacion Rayito De Sol, so many lives have been improved. American Van Lines Fort Lauderdale moving company pays homage to the legacy of family values upon which this company was founded by pledging firm support to charities that are changing the world like the Rayito De Sol Foundation.