American Van Lines Supports Glam-A-Thon

Glam-A-Thon – Kiss Cancer Goodbye® is a beautifully crafted series of events that raises awareness and money for breast cancer research. Each year Glam-A-Thon culminates at the annual “Glam Doll Strut” parade. This highly anticipated event has won local acclaim as one of South Florida’s must-attend fundraising events.

american van lines glam-a-thonThe iconic symbol of the Glam Doll Strut is a life-size, pink stiletto that set the tone for the festivities each year in October. Women of all ages and from all walks of life showed off their stilettos as they strutted down Las Olas Boulevard. This empowering affair has gained national and local notoriety from some of the biggest names in retail including Publix, Dunkin Donuts, The City of Fort Lauderdale, Comcast, WSVN Channel 7 News, The Sun Sentinel, and many more. In its short years of inception, The Glam-A-Thon has made enormous strides.

The Glam Doll Strut is not only a high-spirited celebration, but a competition. The group or individual that raises the most money is crowned the “Glam Queen”.

Featured on Channel 7 News’ Deco Drive, the Glam Doll Strut has quickly become one of anchor Lynn Martinez’s favorite events. As Martinez puts it, the Glam Doll Strut incorporates two things that are very important to women; breasts and shoes. Combining the gravely important issue of breast cancer awareness with the affinity for shoes that most women harbor was the ingenious idea of Glam-A-Thon founder, Tammy Gail. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Gail used humor to get her through her struggle and feels that “if you can do that for another girl, there’s no greater healing than helping somebody get through their moments.”

Each year, Glam-A-Thon raises over $100,000. Proceeds are be donated to the University of Miami Hospital’s Breast Cancer Research Center. Judging by the success of the event, South Florida could not have a better chance of finding a cure than with Terry Gail and the Glam-A-Thon team.

american van lines glam-a-thonWhen Anthony DiSorbo, owner of American Van Lines (AVL), was presented with the opportunity to participate in the Glam Doll Strut, he accepted the invitation and kicked his efforts into high gear. Dressing one of his American Van Lines moving trucks in full Glam-A-Thon regalia was one way DiSorbo decided to show his support. As a pledge of unwavering support, the American Van Lines moving truck will remain “glammed” up and a portion of the annual proceeds that this truck makes will be donated to the Glam-A-Thon organization. Anthony wants this truck to be a constant reminder to South Florida residents and a vehicle to promote the Glam-A-Thon and their initiatives. If you happen to see the jazzed-up moving truck, feel free to honk your horn as a sign of solidarity.

Employees of American Van Lines’ Fort Lauderdale moving company make contributions as well, all of which are matched by the moving company. AVL’s staff attends the parade in droves. The ladies of the AVL team, Sassy Stilettos, strutt down the street proudly in support of the cause. Local celebrities like WSVN 7 meteorologist, Julie Durda, Deco Drive’s own Lynn Martinez and OJ McDuffie of the Miami Dolphins are also in attendance. The masculine presence is not at all absent. Loud, base-tone cheers could be heard from miles away as the men walk and cheer the women on.

american van lines glam-a-thonThe Glam-A-Thon organization celebrates the life of cancer survivors and brings hope to cancer patients everywhere. Rallying more and more supporters every year with their bold, charming and exuberant style, Terry Gail and her Glam Dolls have proven to be formidable opponents in the fight against breast cancer.

Visit: Glam-A-Thon for more information about this phenomenal group and their up-coming events.