Our Vision

We strive to provide excellent service with regard for a better planet.


Our approach to business is guided by commitments to the following principles: Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, Safety and Continuous Improvement.

Important Issues

Our business faces many challenges and opportunities.  Due to their direct impact on us and our clients and partners we have prioritized the following issues that need to be addressed: Fuel Consumption, Linerboard and Paper Consumption and Health and Safety.

Our Ability & Duty To Act

We believe in using the Earth’s resources wisely as we provide services to our customers, clients and members.  We also believe we have the power to make a positive human impact on the diverse people we come into contact with.  Our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes working within the law and voluntarily exceeding legal requirements in order to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are important to us, our clients and customers.  As we design experiences, provide services and evaluate our success we are able to choose every day in big and small ways how our actions and words build a better quality of life for our employees, clients, customers and partners.


American Van Lines CommitmentAmerican Van Lines commits to:

  • Minimizing environmental impacts in the areas of energy, recycling and air quality.
  • Update all lighting sources both internally and externally to energy efficient lighting.
  • Complete final stages of updating fleet to meet all CARB compliant initiatives.
  • Assist partners in establishing recycling initiatives as they pertain to linerboard and paper products.
  • Give back to communities by contributing resources, time and money.
  • Ensure our supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices.
  • Percentage of vendors used to meet company minimum sustainability guidelines must be a minimum of 75%.
  • Create innovative approaches to minimize negative environmental impacts, improve economic bottom lines and integrate the social elements into service delivery.
  • Number of sustainability innovations introduced per year: minimum of 3.


Sustainability goals and initiatives will be reported on an assessed yearly by upper management.

Fuel Consumption Reduction Plan

Fuel Consumption Reduction PlanAmerican Van Lines has established the following guidelines to minimize fuel consumption:

  1. Truck Engine Settings and Speed Regulation – Newer trucks are digitally programmed to consume less fuel through gear ratio settings. All of our OTR trucks have been outfitted with RPM and Speed limit governors.
  2. Hotel Usage – Employees are assigned lodging cards and are encouraged to sleep in hotel rooms as opposed to idling their trucks.
  3. Reduction of Air Condition use – Drivers are encouraged to travel with open windows instead of A/C usage (when practical) OR if it is cool enough outside, use the “flow through” ventilation instead of rolling down the windows or using the A/C. Drivers have been advised that Air Condition Use increases fuel consumption by 13% – 21%
  4. Proper Tire Inflation – we stress the importance of making sure tires are properly inflated during pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Drivers are made aware that under-inflated tires can cause fuel consumption to increase by as much as 6%.
  5. Car Pooling – if several people are traveling to the same locations(s) we encourage the use of one vehicle.
  6. Efficient Route Planning – Dispatchers are coached on planning efficient routes to minimize out of route travel miles.