Happy Labor Day Weekend From AVL!

Labor Day Weekend is fully upon us, and we want to wish you all the best from all of us here at American Van Lines!

For America, Labor Day is about a well-deserved day off, often to chill out, enjoy a family cookout, and just live it up for the day. Many plan weekend vacations, some head to their local beaches for the last beach weekend of the year as it hails in the end of summer, and many others see it as a day to sleep really late, and just relax the whole day through. For those who work in retail, service industries, emergency/ medical, and like us in the moving industry, being off on Labor Day does not always come easy. However, for those who are given the privilege to chill, we hope you do so wholeheartedly!

In the moving industry, Labor Day Weekend usually means the hustle of Labor Day Weekend moves. It is a really busy weekend because so many people want to get these moves done and over with, and a three day weekend is the perfect time to do so effectively. The end of summer marks the end of the most popular season of home buying; many people who have just closed on their new homes want to move ASAP! Hey, some years it’s cool to lay back and relax on Labor Day, and some years you want to make the biggest bang you can; we get it. We completely understand the need to accomplish something major, and we all know that moving is time-consuming (to say the least). And a three day weekend proves perfect for knocking out the hardest parts, without having to take additional time off work. Vacation days are sacred; moving on a three-day weekend allows you to save them for actual vacation!

In our industry, where we provide a service to people of a demanding nature, working around their maxed-out schedules, days off are rare, even for mandatory days off, like Labor Day, meant to honor the workforce. It’s part of our commitment to our customers and a tribute to the fact that when a job needs to get done, we’re there. However, from everyone here at American Van Lines, we’d like to wish all of those moving this weekend the very best; may your moves go smoothly and well! Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!