Moving Boxes
If you plan on doing your own packing, take a look at our moving boxes to help you plan ahead and optimize your experience. There are many types of moving boxes, each with a recommended purpose. You may even find a specialized container perfectly suited for your moving and packing needs.






american van lines Cubic Box  1.5 Cubic Feet Moving Box: Durable container for
small, but heavy items – books, CDs, videos etc.
  16 x 12 x 12”
american van lines Mirror Case  Mirror Case: Various sizes are available of this
sturdy container: suitable for mirrors or glass picture frames.
american van lines Cubic Moving Box  3.0 Cubic Feet. Moving Box: Mid-sized container –
small household appliances: pots, electrical items; toys, shoes,
clothes etc.
  28 x 18 x 16”
american van lines Cubic Moving Box  4.5 Cubic Feet Moving Box: Standard moving box
suitable for general items – beddings, lamp shades, drapes etc.
  18 x 18 x 24”
american van lines Cubic Moving Box  6.0 Cubic Feet Moving Box: Larger, lightweight
household items – lampshades, blankets, pillows, clothes, etc.
  22 x 22 x 22”
american van lines Cubic Moving Box  Dish Pack/China Barrel (5.2 Cubic Feet): Very
durable container specially made for breakable items –
dishes/china, crystal and glassware. Cell dividers are recommended
for additional protection.
  18 x 18 x 28”
american van lines Cubic Moving Box  Wardrobe Box: Sturdy container with built-in
hanger bar. Holds up to 32 hangers with clothes.
  24 x 20 x 46”
american van lines Cubic Moving Box  Mattress Case: Protects against dirt and damage.
Available in queen, king, twin and crib sizes