Moving from Houston to Los Angeles

Cost, Best Places to Live & More

So, you’re looking to make the jump from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA. This an exciting time in your life as you look forward to new beginnings and we want to make sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible. At American Van Lines (AVL), our goal is to help facilitate your cross country move with our hardworking professional movers while providing valuable information along the way. Let’s start by helping you determine your budget and then we’ll move into some things you should know about your soon to be new home.

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saying goodbye - american van lines

Some Thoughts On Saying Goodbye

Get ready, I’m gonna hit you with a buzzword: closure.

You hear it a lot these days— but what the heck does it mean??

I’m pulling out my handy Merriam-Webster here, and the ol’ M-W defines it as “the property that a number system or a set has when it is mathematically closed under an operation.”


Oops, sorry, wrong definition.

Here’s the one we want: “an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality; also: something (such as a satisfying ending) that provides such a sense.”

Let’s face it: moving is hard. A lot of times it means leaving a place you love. A place where you’ve been happy and had good times. You’re leaving friends and comfortable routines.

It’s a major life change. Like changing jobs, ending a relationship, losing a loved one.

So how do you say goodbye? How do you bring this chapter of your life to a satisfying close– one that ends on a hopeful note?

Here are a few suggestions.

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Moving from New York to Miami:

Cost, Best Neighborhoods & More

Have you been thinking about relocating from New York, NY to Miami, FL? If so, there’s plenty for you to look forward to in your new home. At American Van Lines, we can give you the helping hand you need to make your cross country relocation easy and affordable. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider as you embark on an exciting relocation to sunny, beautiful, Miami.

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Moving from San Francisco to Denver

San Francisco, California is a great city. Home to eccentric people, great concerts and some of the best food festivals in the country, we fully understand why you lived there in the first place. With that being said, life often takes us in different directions. If you are looking to move from San Francisco to Denver, Colorado, make your journey a bit easier by hiring professional movers.

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Everything You’ve Been Dying To Know About Valuation & Insurance

Say you’re walking along the beach one day, and you find a magic lamp. Out pops a genie who offers to grant you three wishes.

First you’d wish for a million dollars, right? Tax-free, of course. Then you’d wish for a lifetime supply of apple fritters— at least that’s what I’d do.

But for your third wish you’d say: “Please explain the difference between valuation coverage and moving insurance.”

Well, we can’t help you with the million bucks or the fritters, but you’re in luck on that third wish because that’s what today’s post is about!!

Valuation coverage and moving insurance both have to do with making sure you’re covered, liability-wise, if any of your household goods are lost or damaged during a move.

At American Van Lines we do all we can to make sure that doesn’t happen. If it does, we want to be sure you have adequate coverage so you can be properly compensated.

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12 Things NOT To Do If You Have To Move During The Pandemic

We’re taking the coronavirus very seriously here at American Van Lines. We’re doing all we can to assure the safety of employees and customers.

Please be assured: we’re still up and running. Very much so. Moving is an essential business. People have to move for a variety of reasons, even during difficult times.

We’re committed to making that happen, while doing everything possible to preserve your health and safety.

To that end, we’ve listed some things you should do if you have to move during the pandemic: being careful about what kind of boxes you use; maintaining a distance of at least six feet when talking with movers; having extra soap and hand sanitizers available during a move (just in case our movers run out).

You can see the full list of suggestions on our COVID-19 Update Page.

We take the pandemic seriously. We’re also very serious about our commitment to delivering the best possible customer service under any and all circumstances.

That said, we also know that humor and good cheer are a must. Moving is stressful— especially now. Laughter relieves stress, and keeps our spirits up.

So with laughter in mind, here are some things you should NOT do if you’re moving during the pandemic:

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The Dangers of Renting a Moving Truck

We all try to save money in as many aspects of our lives as possible. Moving is no exception to the rule. People come up with the most creative ways to cut expenses, things like opting to sell your possessions rather than transport them or ask friends and family and offering to pay them in pizza. All of these are harmless ways to save on your move. Renting a moving truck is one way to save money that may also pose a danger under certain circumstances. American Van Lines would like to illustrate some of the most common dangers one may encounter while driving a rental moving truck.

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