More Environmentally Friendly Moving and Packing Tips

As we have stated before, moving is not an eco-friendly process. Typically, moving requires boxes, packing supplies and large moving trucks. This means more items in a landfill and more pollutants emitted by gas-guzzlers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are more steps you can take to ensure a green move that is better for our environment:

  • Use Alternate Packing Supplies – You do not have to use typical packing materials for your move. After acquiring used boxes, be creative with your choice of filler. Towels, blankets, t-shirts and pillows all help protect fragile items. Also, take this opportunity to use up plastic bags and newspapers you have lying around the house. If packing peanuts are absolutely necessary, try using popcorn instead.
  • Take Careful Inventory of Your Belongings – By knowing how much stuff you actually own, you can cut down on return trips to the store to fetch more supplies. This saves you gas (and money). Also, if you are moving long distance, American Van Lines offers weekly shuttles to all major US cities. This cuts back on cross-country trips and, again, saves hard-earned money.
  • Rent Moving Boxes – Many companies rent out industrial plastic crates. Instead of using cardboard boxes, rent and pack up your belongings in these reusable storage bins. They’re environmentally friendly, sturdy and easy to stack.

If you have any other ideas or comments on environmentally-friendly moving, let us know!