Moving Myths Busted

There is a huge amount of information out there about moving, and coming from an industry expert and professional, I’m telling you straightforwardly: don’t believe it all. Because I’ve done this for over 25 years, I’m going to share a few words of wisdom with you. Here is my take on moving myths, and the reality behind them.

Myth 1: Free Boxes are the Best Boxes

Not necessarily the case. New boxes come with the benefit of being new; they haven’t been used, put through the ringer carrying 55 lbs of bananas, won’t come stained, dirty, or have their reinforcements compromised from use. I’m not saying don’t use used boxes, but for fragile items, heavy things, or when you want to fit as much stuff into the largest box possible, go for new. Plus, new boxes come with the advantage of having been made and designed specifically for moving.

Myth 2: Packing at the Last Minute is Best

Tempting though it may be, it’s the worst idea ever unless you live in a single room, don’t have more gear than will fit in your hatchback, and are not going to be dealing with a lot strategizing to make that move happen. For the rest of us, moves need to be planned very well because there is so much involved in moving homes. Start arranging your move 2 months out, and pace yourself accordingly on a week-by-week basis.

Myth 3: Friday is the Best Day to Move

Not necessarily, and depending on your schedule and the move schedule, and all the other variables involved, don’t discount those other 6 days. Moving on a Friday, the most common day of the week to move, is a misconception, and moving company rates can often be drastically higher. Yes, you get the benefit of spending your weekend unpacking, but you’ve got plenty of options. Middle of the week moves will put you in prime time to slowly start unpacking before the weekend, and you may not have to spend your entire weekend unpacking; you may actually be able to enjoy some downtime in your new home before heading back to work on Monday.

Myth 4: A Marker is a Marker

No, definitely not. When packing your boxes, be sure to have an available assortment of high-quality permanent markers ready to go. They’re better for writing on cardboard, and you can be sure they won’t be smearing or running if your box gets water or rain splashed on it.

You can’t say you haven’t been warned. Moving done right, and avoiding the misinformation can make things much less stressful and time consuming. Pay attention to these little details; they can add up big time for your benefit!