Three Ways to Save on Fuel After Your Move

With gas prices remaining sketchy and consistently unpredictable, many people have chosen different routes to make up for the high cost at the pump. Some have resorted to public transportation, others to bicycles, walking, fuel efficient cars, and car pooling. Others have gone the route or scooters and vespas. Perhaps you have recently made a long distance move and are now hoping to cut back on fuel expenses. If you are looking to save on fuel and are considering some different things, know you have many options. When it comes to motorcycles, there are plenty out there for you to consider. According to many studies over the last few years, countless people have gone the route of motorcycles. Though purchasing a motorcycle may require an upfront cost, it can truly pay off in the long run due to the amount of mileage one gets on a motorcycle compared to a car. There are some good buys out there for your buck. If a motorcycle is not your thing, consider carpooling or using public transportation. Below are some suggestions for saving money on gas this year.

Save on Gas - Car PoolingShare the Cost

There is possibly no better way to save on gas then sharing the cost with a friend or co-worker. It’s likely the simplest and most efficient way to do so. In fact, if more people took advantage of this, there would be a lot less traffic to deal with on everyone’s morning commute. Team up with a friend, neighbor, or fellow employee. It’s a good chance to get to know someone better and save some cash in the process. You can take turns or trade off any way you feel comfortable. You will find yourselves spending way less time and money at the pump. Who doesn’t want that?

Save on Gas - Bus or TrainBus or Train

When it comes to public transportation, your location is everything. Which is to say, this option does not necessarily work for everyone and everywhere. Some cities simply have better services to offer than others when it comes to public transportation. Cities that have great public transportation are places like New York, Chicago, San Diego, Denver, and Portland, among others. More rural cities may not excel in this area due to being less populated, more spread out, and/or there being less of a demand for it.

Save on Gas - BicycleBicycle

For the last several years, cycling to work has increased in popularity a great deal. People have looked to this option to save on fuel costs and exercise simultaneously. Depending how far you live from your workplace, this can be a great thing. If cycling to the workplace is too far a trip, some people have gone the route of cycling to a nearby bus or train station, thus taking advantage of both options. This can prove a very good way to save if one is willing to make the effort in doing so.

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