Top 5 Florida Industries

Florida is one of the most visited states in the country, attracting more than 90 million visitors a year. Many wish to call the Sunshine State home, but if you’re one of the envied new residents of Florida, you’ll want to be familiar with some of the top industries of your new state. These industries thrive in Florida, and if you’re looking to start a new with your career path these industries offer the most security and success.

  1. Top 5 Florida IndustriesTourism – Florida is a popular vacation destination. Year-round subtropical weather attracts snow birds during the cold winter months and various theme parks like Disney World, Zoo Miami and Busch Gardens are must-see attractions. There are a lot of sectors in tourism to choose from, which include but are not limited to hotels, theme parks and travel.
  2. International Trade – Florida is surrounded by water on all sides, excluding its northern portion. The ports all over Florida are used for trading to South American and Caribbean countries. A few jobs that in specific to the international trade industry include Customs Compliance Specialists, International Trade Counselors, and International Tax Managers. There are opportunities in this industry that are not directly related to international trade, such as Information Technology and Human Resources.
  3. Construction – Florida has a lot of undeveloped land, which helps the construction industry to flourish. The bulk of this industry is attributed to the thousands of new residents and visitors the state welcomes each year.
  4. Agriculture – The growing of citrus fruits make up the bulk of the agricultural industry in Florida. Florida grows the most citrus fruit grown in the Unites States. Tangerines, oranges and grapefruits are the main citrus fruits, but celery, tomatoes, sugarcane and strawberries also contribute to the agricultural industries. Jobs that stem from this industry include farming, interstate and intrastate truck driving.
  5. Aerospace – The introduction of the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida in 1962 was the start to Florida’s large contribution to the Aerospace industry. Today, Florida is the 4th ranked employer of aerospace related jobs. The Kennedy Space Center alone employs 13,100 people and the average annual income of an aerospace worker is $52,000.

These are very diverse and vastly different industries, so regardless of where your interests lay you will likely experience success and longevity in any of these industries.