Every move is unique in its own way, and we believe a visual inspection is critical to obtaining an estimate that is all-inclusive. American Van Lines is excited to offer a reliable and accurate moving quote without a hassle of having to walk an on-site estimator through your residence. In just a few simple steps your smart phone or tablet can act as our eyes and ears, allowing you the convenience of receiving a precise moving quote:

  1. Start recording videos of each room showing furniture you are shipping, as well as the exterior access to your residence. 
  2. Upload it to your preferred video sharing network, e.g. YouTube, and share a link to your walkthrough video with American Van Lines – avlquote@gmail.com
  3. Fill out the form below providing us with a link to your walkthrough video. We will respond with an estimate shortly!

Here are a few quick tips when shooting the videos:

  • Show the insides of closets, cupboards, etc. Knowing how much is inside of a cabinet or storage area can help insure we are accurate with box counts.
  • Feel free to narrate your videos. This can help identify pieces that need special care or even items that are not going.
  • Be sure to point out any items that were assembled inside the room that will need to be taken apart to remove.
  • Show us the outside access to the residence and even the path you envision the movers walking to the truck.
  • If you are not sure which app to use for recording and sharing a video, we recommend YouTube Capture. Download the app from Apple iTunes store using a button below.

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