The Dangers of Renting a Moving Truck

We all try to save money in as many aspects of our lives as possible. Moving is no exception to the rule. People come up with the most creative ways to cut expenses, things like opting to sell your possessions rather than transport them or ask friends and family and offering to pay them in pizza. All of these are harmless ways to save on your move. Renting a moving truck is one way to save money that may also pose a danger under certain circumstances. American Van Lines would like to illustrate some of the most common dangers one may encounter while driving a rental moving truck.

The first thing that you should always keep in mind is the size of the average moving truck, the smallest being at least 10 feet long. If you plan to rent one you may find it hard to find one in good condition. Some companies offer one way rentals in which you can rent a truck in one city and drop it off in another. Keeping up with the maintenance of these trucks is almost impossible. You may get a truck that overheats after a few hours of driving or one that does not accelerate faster than 30 mph. A poorly kept moving truck is just a disaster waiting to happen.

For some, driving these types of vehicles is not really much of a challenge but the average driver is a little more accustomed to driving cars or at the most an SUV. Moving trucks handle differently than your average vehicle due to the additional weight and wind resistance caused by the shape and size. Something as simple as making a right-hand turn can end in disaster because the average driver does not know how to account for the wider turns that these trucks have to make.

The limited mobility of these trucks can also be frustrating as you are routinely cut off in traffic. If you are new to driving a large truck then you should avoid driving in reverse because you have limited or no visibility and can easily cause property damage or damage to the truck. Depending on the neighborhood you are moving to, you will also have a hard time driving through smaller streets and in some cities you are forbidden to drive a truck through them altogether.

You may have wanted to rent a moving truck to save money but if you factor in the cost of gas and the rental, you will be better off hiring a reputable mover who are experienced in driving trucks. Another factor that will make things more difficult is vehicle hitches. These added attachments are designed to be a convenience but can actually make matters worse. The added weight means that it’s even harder to stop and with additional wheels, you have a better chance of catching a flat. Mounting a car improperly can also damage your vehicle. These are just some of the dangers of renting a moving truck. If you consider the possibility for human error it would be a really good idea to leave the driving to the professionals. Call American Van Lines at (888) 759-6000 and then sit back and enjoy the ride.