Expert Handling for Military Moves

Military moves can be drastic, especially if you have children involved. Military children already face upheavals and emotional burdens so many others have no of idea of, and the task of moving their lives can add to the burden, especially if it occurs often. If this is the situation your family is in, when it comes to moves, allow none other than American Van Lines to assist you in relocating.

Whether due to deployments, or the emotional turmoil of PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves, we understand that your time is valuable, and much better spent handling the important things: like your family’s need for time to adjust and the process of adapting that ultimately begins as soon as you get the notice. As a parent, your most important role in helping your child handle a move is to support them emotionally through the transition.

Moving is often part of military life, and though there are some discomforts involved, military kids understand that this just part of their lives. While that doesn’t ease the pain of leaving friends and loved ones behind when it’s time to move on, it does teach them how transient life is, and that despite pain, we are resilient.

American Van Lines is one of the few moving companies to have solid relationships with the US military, and military moves are one of our specialties. We understand both the logistical aspects of these moves which require expert precision on a strict time schedule, as well as the emotional aspects that can be difficult on all members of the family. When it comes to handling the actual move, we have the know-how to handle it all, and can take care of the burden even if your particular situation requires frequent moves. We take care of packing (full-service), storage – whether you need it long-term or short term, furniture assembly/ disassembly, insurance options, and online tracking of your shipments for long distance moves.

If you’re in the military and planning for a sudden move, remember that AVL is here to help