Getting Ready for July 4th!

4th of July is almost here and we are gearing up for a fabulously long weekend of fun and partying! We hope you are getting ready to celebrate with your family, friends, and those you love as well. As an all-American company, with a serious love for this great nation, the 4th of July is really one of our favorites; who ever gets sick of fireworks, pool parties, and BBQ?

As a moving company, we are firmly grounded in the concept of “home,” wherever that may be for each individual. And while we are in the business of moving people and their families from one place to another, this great country is our HOME, and we are so proud to call it as such. Celebrating the Fourth of July in big, bold, flamboyant fashion is just what America is all about! We all love a loud, raucous party, a celebration of the hard fight that was accomplished by those unwilling to back down from what they believed in; it’s something we’ll always be grateful for!

Independence Day marks the independence of the United States, and it’s a most important date in American History. This federal holiday honors the Declaration of Independence, which was put into action on this day, in 1776. As part of this declaration, the Continental Congress declared the 13 American colonies were establishing their own nation, and officially separated from the British rule. And seeing where this nation has progressed since claiming independence, and witnessing how much progression has occurred, we could not think of a more wonderful thing to celebrate than the independence of America.

So, enjoy the patriotic long weekend everyone, and have a fantastic Fourth of July! Let us all rejoice in the brilliance of the American spirit by honoring our hard-won independence! May there be barbecues aplenty, and fireworks lighting up your night!