Moving a Piano? Talk to Us!

If you are going to be moving and have a piano, don’t even think about doing it on your own. Leave this one to the pros, and your outcome will be much more satisfactory. Don’t know who to trust? Let American Van Lines handle it; our piano specialists are fully versed in handling the delicate care required to move them, and we can ensure your investment is protected every step of the way. We have an enormous amount of experience in piano moving, as well as the know-how to expertly handle a variety of different piano types including grand pianos, vertical pianos, electric pianos, and digital pianos.

As you are probably aware, pianos are not typical furniture items. They are extremely large and heavy, and should an inexperienced person attempt to move one on their own, their safety can be entirely compromised.

When handling such a move, our movers are fully trained in the proper techniques necessary for dismantling, reassembling, and installing pianos before and after the move is complete. Once your piano has been safely taken apart and transported to its new location, it will be reassembled and reinstalled for your benefit. Additionally, it will be tested to ensure it is in proper working order.

Moving a piano is not an easy feat. These are large, expensive, and rather fragile furniture items. They require a skilled expert who knows how to handle their unusual size and dimensions. If a piano is not moved properly, and the right attention is not taken to ensure the move is done correctly, damages can occur quite easily and even the slightest amount of damage can be extremely costly to repair.

At American Van Lines, we handle pianos with expert care, and use all of the means necessary to move and transport them with absolute attention to detail. Our trucks, dollies, and protective measures are secured in every way necessary to ensure a safe move for pianos, and we take this absolutely seriously.