Tampa – Why People From Everywhere are Moving There

Tampa, Florida is currently the number one city in the US seeing a major influx of new residents. This amazing city offers the perfect combination of a chill, laid-back beach vibe coupled with all the makings of a fast-paced, exciting city for those after the next big career move! Here’s a look at why the gorgeous coastal city of Tampa Bay is welcoming in the migrants, and why you may want to consider a move there.


There are a lot of jobs in Tampa, and the job creation is really strong. In fact, the city as a whole is really into staying innovative, and through unique partnerships with companies like Foursquare, they are aiming to offer one of the best lifestyle options for career-driving people. One of the most important factors when it comes to relocating for your career is making sure the environment suits you, so if the great scenery, endless entertainment and lifestyle activities, along with the excellent job market are your idea of a grand place to live, Tampa will surely feel like home.

Dream Home

While Tampa, (and all of Florida in general) is still slowly (but surely) recovering from the Great Recession, the housing market is extremely attractive. Due to the fact that there are less foreign buyers nowadays, and that the housing market is pretty loaded with available houses, prices are great so those looking to purchase have a lot going in their favor.

Food Culture

The food culture in Tampa is rockin’. Whether you fancy yourself a foodie, always aiming to challenge yourself to new tastes, or are just the type of person who loves super fresh seafood, Tampa may be the ideal city for you! Unique cafes, food trucks, gastropubs that zero-in on satisfying fare, farm-to-table offerings; Tampa’s got it all to keep your tastebuds happy!

Whether you’re local; as in living in the State of Florida, or are located elsewhere in the country and are considering a long distance move, Tampa is one of the best locations offering a wealth of options; both for business and pleasure. Between the gorgeous scenery, fabulous weather, and the fact that there is always something to do (shopping, nightlife, sports events, watersports, cultural stuff) Tampa offers a good level of quality of life. If you’re going to be moving there, or are considering a move there, we highly suggest you get connected with American Van Lines to make your move go as smoothly and as hang-up free as possible. We manage local, as well as long distance moves, so allow us to help you make that next chapter a smooth one!