Summer is the Season for Moving

It’s officially summer and it is the season of moving! Here’s a look at the top reasons people tend to plan their moves around the seasons, and particularly choose the warmest time of the year to switch nests. While moving during the summer can present some complications, moving is never without some glitches, so here are our best tips for surviving a summer move, because things are going to get hectic!

  1. Plan, plan, plan. Did we mention that you need to plan your move as intricately as possible? Get very detailed and try to get as organized as you possibly can to make your move happen efficiently. Hire the right moving company and you’ll be really grateful you did!
  2. The earlier you start strategizing and packing, the more you will be able to concentrate on the important stuff without getting frazzled. This is one of the most important factors because every minute counts. So, don’t procrastinate!
  3. Stay cool.Summer can be brutally hot, so make sure you and your moving team are getting plenty of liquids into your system!
  4. If you have children, make sure their needs are completely heeded during the move because it can be emotional, and they will need someplace cool to be in while the moving takes place. Off-location, and perhaps with another family member/ close friend would be ideal.

Summer is the optimal time to move because of the weather and the timing can often work well for lots of people, families especially, with the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day being the most popular time to move. For those in the military, moves are also most often scheduled in the summer. If you have kids, this is an obviously easier time to move because the transition can go a lot smoother when they’re out of school. This keeps the disruptions to a minimum. So, if you’re looking to move this summer, we suggest to start planning and start packing ASAP! It’s the busiest, warmest, and most conducive time of year to be moving!