Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

While it is ideal to move during months with consistently moderate weather, this is not always possible. Winter moves are often necessary for a variety of reasons, and with winter, comes the increased possibility of inclement weather. However, not all is lost. Relocating in winter often costs less than moving during the summer. As long as you prepare for less-than-ideal weather conditions, your winter move should progress smoothly.

Some Tips:

  • First and foremost, give your movers some leeway. They are professionals, and they know when a move should be postponed.
  • Reserve a spot for your moving truck. Put out cones, and talk to your neighbors.
  • Before your movers arrive, shovel the driveway and all walkways. Cover them with sand and/or salt.
  • Protect the inside of your home. Put out extra doormats and have towels ready to wipe down shoes. Use plastic tarps to protect carpet.
  • Make sure all of your boxes are taped shut. Cover your furniture with moving blankets or plastic. Also, make sure your belongings go straight from your home to the moving truck; don’t set anything down along the way.
  • Prepare hot beverages. Moving in cold weather is difficult!
  • After everything is packed up, drive slowly and safely. It’s perfectly fine if the move takes longer than anticipated. Safety comes first.
  • Once you arrive at your new home, unpack as quickly as possible. This allows you to dry any items that may have gotten wet.

With a few extra steps, your winter move can be safe and successful.

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