Top Industries in Miami

Like the entire state of Florida, Miami’s economy is largely fueled by tourism. With the allure of warm weather year-round, miles of beaches and world-class nightlife, this is not surprising. However, if you plan on moving to South Florida for an extended period of time, you can also find work in other booming industries.

Top Industries in MiamiSome major industries in Miami are:

  • Tourism – The tourism industry in Miami is no longer seasonal. Tourists flock to the city throughout the year. They spend their money on hotels, retail, restaurants, transportation and nightlife. Miami is also the cruise capital of the world.
  • Finance – Miami is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States. However, it is not just international banks that call Miami home. The banking district in Downtown Miami is also full of domestic banking offices.
  • Media and Telecommunications – Miami is the most important city in the country for Spanish-language media. Univision, Telemundo, Sony Music Latin and Universal Music Latin Entertainment all have headquarters in the city. Miami also attracts film and music video productions.
  • International Trade – Due to its proximity to Latin America, Miami is known as the cargo gateway of the Americas. The Port of Miami is the largest container port in Florida and the 9th largest in the US. The Miami International Airport is the top airport for international freight, especially from South America and the Caribbean.
  • Agriculture – South Florida is the only subtropical farming area in the continental US. Therefore, it provides the country with tropical fruits and is the nation’s leading supplier of vegetables during the winter months. Furthermore, Miami provides ¼ of all ornamental plants sold in the United States.

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