What’s Inspiring Us at the Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics are happening right now, and we just have to say how crazy inspired these games get us. Once every four years, the world gets together to compete on a level of epic proportions. It’s an amazing, non-stop, 2-week extravaganza that showcases the talent, hard work, and exceptional discipline it takes to get to this level; these athletes are amazing!

We really can relate, because in our industry, not only are many of our employees former athletes who understand the physical demands and mental drive it takes to get to that level, but we are also extremely proud of every athlete who trains to be able to compete on that stage. This focus on teamwork, passion, unstoppable dedication, and determination creates incredible athletes, and we have a serious amount of pride for all they do and accomplish.

What also inspires us, here at AVL, is their approach to performing. There are no second chances in the Olympics, just like there are no second chances with doing the best job when duty calls. Things go wrong, however having the right team surrounding you can make things go way more smoothly than otherwise. It’s about knowing how to handle oneself under pressure, how to take on issues when they arise (because they will) and how to communicate seamlessly through a team to get things done. Because just like in the Olympics, it goes further than just winning medals; it’s about pushing yourself to new limits, accomplishing the highest level of glory you can, and taking your sport where it hasn’t gone before. It’s innovation on a purely physical, purely human level.

The Olympics are amazing, and these athletes are the ultimate role models. We are watching diligently, and cheering on Team USA every chance we get. We admire and appreciate all of their hard work, and love that they represent the US with such passion and determination. Go USA!