Why Trusting Experts to do the Packing is the Best

When it comes to packing up your home when it’s time to move, do you get excited? Is it something you relish in doing? Can’t wait for the next time you have to go through every last minute detail in your home and bundle bubble wrap around every single glass, and put your entire lifetime’s worth of possessions into boxes to haul off to another location? Yeah, so does everyone.

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Home Inspection Red Flags

Home inspections are one of the last steps to get completed when purchasing a home, however they can be among the most stressful. Inspections are unavoidable; they have to be done, and generally, they will come back with at least one issue. While many problems are no big deal, and getting them fixed prior to purchase should not be a problem, other difficulties are really not a good idea to deal with, and may warn you of impending catastrophe if you decide to proceed with ownership. If any of the following items appears on the inspection of the home you’re looking at, be prepared to jump ship, if not, proceed extremely cautiously from that point on.

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Cover Your Tracks: What Your Mover Will Not Move

When moving, especially when using American Van Lines as your preferred moving company, you most likely expect things to be done efficiently, and with expert care. We take pride in handling the hardest parts of your move, because as you open this new chapter, you need to be present to handle the important stuff; like making sure your kids are comfortable. You should be able to use your time effectively so that you can transition smoothly, and do what’s necessary to ensure that your life will be able to continue with as minimal interruption as possible.

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Moving Lingo

Lading, binding, flight charges, PBO, consignor, what? If you’re working with a mover, you may be caught off guard a little by their seemingly strange moving-speak. Here’s a look at the most common moving lingo, deciphered, along with descriptions so you have a firm understanding of what we’re talking about, right from the start. However, in the meantime, here are terms you are most likely going to hear, and what they mean.

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Keep it Simple: Don’t Do These Things When Moving

Are you moving soon? We know how stressful moving can be, and how so often once it has been completed, people find a whole host of things they wish they’d done better or more accurately. With that in mind, we would like to share a few of the tips we’ve picked up along the way, over the decades, that can really be useful if you’re aiming to minimize your mistakes as you move. So here are things you need to cover, and in doing so, you should save yourself some time and effort and frustration in the long run!

Storage Facility Dependency: Think twice, or more than twice before opting for a storage facility to house any items you are not quite sure about. Tempting as it may be to spend a monthly fee on things you may not exactly need, only do so with an end in sight. It can be really easy to allow this expense to continue on, as you avoid dealing with the items you have stored, when in reality, holding onto them is futile and a waste of money.

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Do You Need a Real Estate Agent When Looking for a Rental?

Do you think real estate agents are only necessary when purchasing a home? Think again. They are experts in the area of everything to do with homes, and for renters, having a great agent on your side can help you score the very best rental out there. Here’s why you should work with a real estate agent if you are searching for the best options available to you.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend From AVL!

Labor Day Weekend is fully upon us, and we want to wish you all the best from all of us here at American Van Lines!

For America, Labor Day is about a well-deserved day off, often to chill out, enjoy a family cookout, and just live it up for the day. Many plan weekend vacations, some head to their local beaches for the last beach weekend of the year as it hails in the end of summer, and many others see it as a day to sleep really late, and just relax the whole day through. For those who work in retail, service industries, emergency/ medical, and like us in the moving industry, being off on Labor Day does not always come easy. However, for those who are given the privilege to chill, we hope you do so wholeheartedly!

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What’s Inspiring Us at the Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics are happening right now, and we just have to say how crazy inspired these games get us. Once every four years, the world gets together to compete on a level of epic proportions. It’s an amazing, non-stop, 2-week extravaganza that showcases the talent, hard work, and exceptional discipline it takes to get to this level; these athletes are amazing!

We really can relate, because in our industry, not only are many of our employees former athletes who understand the physical demands and mental drive it takes to get to that level, but we are also extremely proud of every athlete who trains to be able to compete on that stage. This focus on teamwork, passion, unstoppable dedication, and determination creates incredible athletes, and we have a serious amount of pride for all they do and accomplish.

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Getting Ready for July 4th!

4th of July is almost here and we are gearing up for a fabulously long weekend of fun and partying! We hope you are getting ready to celebrate with your family, friends, and those you love as well. As an all-American company, with a serious love for this great nation, the 4th of July is really one of our favorites; who ever gets sick of fireworks, pool parties, and BBQ?

As a moving company, we are firmly grounded in the concept of “home,” wherever that may be for each individual. And while we are in the business of moving people and their families from one place to another, this great country is our HOME, and we are so proud to call it as such. Celebrating the Fourth of July in big, bold, flamboyant fashion is just what America is all about! We all love a loud, raucous party, a celebration of the hard fight that was accomplished by those unwilling to back down from what they believed in; it’s something we’ll always be grateful for!

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