12 Things NOT To Do If You Have To Move During The Pandemic

We’re taking the coronavirus very seriously here at American Van Lines. We’re doing all we can to assure the safety of employees and customers.

Please be assured: we’re still up and running. Very much so. Moving is an essential business. People have to move for a variety of reasons, even during difficult times.

We’re committed to making that happen, while doing everything possible to preserve your health and safety.

To that end, we’ve listed some things you should do if you have to move during the pandemic: being careful about what kind of boxes you use; maintaining a distance of at least six feet when talking with movers; having extra soap and hand sanitizers available during a move (just in case our movers run out).

You can see the full list of suggestions on our COVID-19 Update Page.

We take the pandemic seriously. We’re also very serious about our commitment to delivering the best possible customer service under any and all circumstances.

That said, we also know that humor and good cheer are a must. Moving is stressful— especially now. Laughter relieves stress, and keeps our spirits up.

So with laughter in mind, here are some things you should NOT do if you’re moving during the pandemic:

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The Dangers of Renting a Moving Truck

We all try to save money in as many aspects of our lives as possible. Moving is no exception to the rule. People come up with the most creative ways to cut expenses, things like opting to sell your possessions rather than transport them or ask friends and family and offering to pay them in pizza. All of these are harmless ways to save on your move. Renting a moving truck is one way to save money that may also pose a danger under certain circumstances. American Van Lines would like to illustrate some of the most common dangers one may encounter while driving a rental moving truck.

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Childproof Your New Home

So here you are, your move is over, your family has settled in, but you can’t help but feel like you’re forgetting something. Have you childproofed your home yet? If the answer is no, this may be a good a time to start securing your home so it’s safe for children of all ages to live in.

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Adjusting to New Climates

Moving to a new city is never easy and adjusting to the different elements of a new city could take you and your family some time. Differences in customs, entertainment and climate can be especially hard on kids who usually have a hard time getting back into the swing of things. As a courtesy to our customers American Van Lines would like to offer some great tips on adjusting to the weather in your new environment.

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Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend!

This is just a friendly public service reminder, wishing you a fantastic Labor Day Weekend. Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend, courtesy of our nation, thanking us all for the hard work bestowed upon our country, benefitting our economy? Always a great weekend spent with friends and family, at the beach or barbeque, a little extra time off to chill and recoup is always a blessing. Read More

Moving Myths Busted

There is a huge amount of information out there about moving, and coming from an industry expert and professional, I’m telling you straightforwardly: don’t believe it all. Because I’ve done this for over 25 years, I’m going to share a few words of wisdom with you. Here is my take on moving myths, and the reality behind them.

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Social Media in the Business World: It’s Not Just Social

Social media is one of the most dynamic channels of communication in today’s day and age. It covers every sector imaginable, and allows you to market in so many different yet specific areas. Whether it’s on a personal level involving staying in touch and sharing selfies, or it involves complex marketing strategies that enable you to target millions of customers in a variety of areas, social media presents unlimited ways of building business relationships and honing your technical, professional skills.

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Best States to Raise Children in

The US is vast and wide, and each state seemingly has its own distinct culture, even though it is part of a sprawling union. As movers, we are always hearing discussion on where people think the best places to raise a family are, and it is certainly true that many people relocate with this in mind.

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Tampa – Why People From Everywhere are Moving There

Tampa, Florida is currently the number one city in the US seeing a major influx of new residents. This amazing city offers the perfect combination of a chill, laid-back beach vibe coupled with all the makings of a fast-paced, exciting city for those after the next big career move! Here’s a look at why the gorgeous coastal city of Tampa Bay is welcoming in the migrants, and why you may want to consider a move there.

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